Truly professional roofers know that the quality of the products they use is a hugely important factor in the success and sustainability of their projects. They take pride in their work and enjoy the referrals that come from doing that work well. They will not use inferior products or non-laboratory listed products when listed products are available. This is because they want trouble free inspections and no callbacks.

Menzies Metal Products fit the bill perfectly here. Read More

Menzies offers a wide variety of plumbing pipe flashings for flat and steep roof. Whatever the application and whatever the roofer prefers, we have it so you can get it.

Are you really, really old fashioned, like hundreds-of-years old fashioned? Menzies lead plumbing stacks are made of what roofers used in the Middle Ages. If the building is still around, the original flashings may still be on it. We make these for flat and steep roof. Read More

We have several new product listings for Canadian and U.S. approval. These include the Blue Drain Seal for positive sealing of insert drains. Also listed are our Small Bowl Drains in both spun copper and spun aluminum, for applications where there is a tighter fit for insert drains. Our new Clamp-Tite Copper Box Scupper and Clamp-Tite Overflow Scupper Drain, both for parapet applications, are also listed. You can check these out in our Product Approvals section.

Menzies Metal Products is now the natural choice for your projects which require roof drains, roof vents and roof flashings. We have put it all together to make it easy for you. All the information you need to specify our tested and approved products is in one place, that’s here on our website. You can easily find and obtain product information, short specifications, long specifications, technical drawings, 3D drawings, installation instructions, warranty and MSDS. With our excellent Read More


Put labor savings in your pocket using Menzies TPO Direct Weldtm coated products. Our aluminum and copper products require no TPO membrane boots. That means no extra ordering and waiting for boots, no extra labor for install. Projects go faster with less labor. You can even order our custom products with Direct Weld. Any of our copper or aluminum products are available with flanges TPO coated. All of our compliance listed products allow you to meet code and compliance Read More