Custom Metal Work, Custom Copper, Chimney Caps & more

Menzies Metal & Building Supplies is known for top quality custom metal work designed to satisfy every customer's needs. The custom products we provide are not limited to vents and flashing. Among many other services, Menzies makes copper chimney caps, custom drains, curved cap flashing and facade flashing. Whichever custom product you may need, Menzies can create it for you. 

  • Copper Spinning
  • Curved Chimney Caps
  • Custom Scuppers
  • Custom Spires
  • Metal Roof Vents
  • Custom Hot Water Pans
  • Strainers
  • Curved Flashings & more

Menzies Metal & Building Supplies creates high quality custom products to make sure every project you handle is done right and finished on-time. Call us today with any questions 1-866-328-9375. 



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