BUR Flat Top Vent


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Size Color Weight Part #
14" x 14" (356mm x 356mm) Galvanized 10.95lbs 600-2142

This vent has internal reinforcements that are so strong a person can stand on top of them.It’s a lower-profile vent that is excellent for HVAC on industrial projects and roofing ventilation needs. Available in TPO Direct Weld™.

  • ONE FULL SQUARE FOOT of air flow.
  • Net free area is 144 Sq In (.0929030 Sq. M.).
  • Flat top BUR has slight pitch for water runoff.
  • Internal reinforcements for great strength (see photo).
  • 26 gauge galvanized metal.
  • HOTWELDED for high heat application.
  • Listed to CSA CAN3-A93.
  • Also available in TPO Direct Weld™.