Universal Roof Vent Adaptor


Part #


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Size Weight Part #
4" (102mm) 0.70lbs 601-1040
5" (127mm) 0.70lbs 601-1045
6" (152mm) 0.95lbs 601-1050
7" (178mm) 1.05lbs 601-1055
8" (203mm) 1.15lbs 601-1060
  • Compatible with vents having a flush flange and needing a vent pipe connection (not necessary for Menzies UV456).
  • Available in sizes 4″ (102mm), 5″ (127mm), 6″ (152mm), 7″ (178mm)and 8″ (203mm).
  • Custom sizes available on request.
  • Made of galvanized metal.
  • Attachment of exhaust pipe guarantees positive air flow and prevents air from escaping into the attic.
  • Connect pipe to adaptor without bracing in attic.
  • Installed from top side of roof deck.

Additional Information:
Available in all sizes from 4″ (102mm) to 8″ (203mm). Galvanized to resist moisture.