Installation videos of Menzies products

We now have demonstration videos of several of our products on Youtube. Those product’s pages have the videos linked but here they are as well. There is a video of TITEBOND Weathermaster Metal Roof Sealant being applied underwater, not just water, but ice water! There are installation demonstrations of several of our drains and flashings featuring […]

How to Choose a Menzies Roof Drain

You may notice that many of our roof drains look quite similar. Which one do you choose for a roofing project? Are the differences between them important? Yes, they are. Each drain is designed for a specific application and to serve a specific function. Here’s how to choose. First consider the roofing material you will […]

What are the functional differences between aluminum drains and copper drains? (Quick cheater answer: very little)

Many of our drains are available in a choice of aluminum or copper bodies. The designs are identical but the material is different. The designs are identical because their functions and installations are the same. You would put an aluminum drain where you would put a copper drain. You would install an aluminum drain the […]

Are you specifying roof drains?

Which roof drain standard should you specify? Different roof drain manufacturers use different recognized (and some unrecognized) standards to which they claim compliance. While compliance with recognized standards is probably good for the industry as a whole, the standard chosen for compliance does matter. When choosing a drain for a flat roof application one standard […]