Installation videos of Menzies products

We now have demonstration videos of several of our products on Youtube. Those product’s pages have the videos linked but here they are as well.

There is a video of TITEBOND Weathermaster Metal Roof Sealant being applied underwater, not just water, but ice water

There are installation demonstrations of several of our drains and flashings featuring Menzies TPO Direct Weld™ where you can see how much time and labor is saved using Direct Weld™ TPO products.

The Menzies Clamp-Tite Spun Drain TPO:

The Menzies Spun Aluminum Value Drain TPO:

The Menzies Spun Copper Deck Drain TPO:

The Menzies Clamp-Tite Copper Box Scupper TPO:

The Menzies 5 Skin Roof Pipe Flashing TPO:

The Menzies BUR (built up roof) Vent TPO:

The Menzies Electrical Roof Stack & Cap TPO:

There is a video demonstrating the Menzies Blue Drain Seal installation


We enjoyed making these videos and hope you enjoy them as well.