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Hot Water Pan High Lip


Part #
You cannot purchase this product online. Please call to purchase item directly from our warehouse.
Size Weight Part #
22″ 559mm no hole 3.25lbs 1.42kg 701-1201
22″ 559mm bottom hole 3.25lbs 1.42kg 701-1201BH
22″ 559mm bottom tail 3.40lbs 1.49kg 701-1201BT
22″ 559mm side hole 3.25lbs 1.42kg 701-1201SH
22″ 559mm side tail 3.40lbs 1.49kg 701-1201ST
24″ 610mm no hole 3.75lbs 1.63kg 701-1202
24″ 610mm hole 3.75lbs 1.63kg 701-1202BH
24″ 610mm bottom tail 3.75lbs 1.63kg 701-1202BT
24″ 610mm side hole 3.75lbs 1.63kg 701-1202SH
24″ 610mm side tail 3.85lbs 1.68kg 701-1202ST
26″ 660mm no hole 4.05lbs 1.77kg 701-1203
26″ 660mm bottom hole 4.05lbs 1.77kg 701-1203BH
26″ 660mm bottom tail 4.05lbs 1.77kg 701-1203BT
26″ 660mm side hole 4.05lbs 1.77kg 701-1203SH
26″ 660mm side tail 4.10lbs 1.79kg 701-1203ST
28″ 711mm no hole 4.50lbs 1.96kg 701-1204
28″ 711mm bottom hole 4.50lbs 1.96kg 701-1204BH
28″ 711mm bottom tail 4.65lbs 2.03kg 701-1204BT
28″ 711mm side hole 4.50lbs 1.96kg 701-1204SH
28″ 711mm side tail 4.65lbs 2.03kg 701-1204ST
32″ 813mm no hole 5.80lbs 2.53kg 701-1205
32″ 813mm bottom hole 5.80lbs 2.53kg 701-1205BH
32″ 813mm bottom tail 5.80lbs 2.53kg 701-1205BT
32″ 813mm side hole 5.80lbs 2.53kg 701-1205SH
32″ 813mm side tail 5.95lbs 2.59kg 701-1205ST

• 2” 51mm lip height.
• Galvanized pan, easily soldered.
• 1½” 38mm diameter tail piece used on ST (side tail piece) & BT (bottom tail piece) pans.
• No tail piece on SH (side hole) & BH (bottom hole) pans.
• Greater capacity pan.
• Available in sizes 22”, 24”, 26”, 28” and 32”.
• Custom sizes and shapes available by request.

Additional Information:
Square or rectangular pans are available in 24” and 26” with a 1 1/8” lip.
Bottom and side tailpieces are optional on square or rectangular pans.
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