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Galvanized Storm Collars


Part #
You cannot purchase this product online. Please call to purchase item directly from our warehouse.
Size Color Weight Part #
4″ 102mm 0.40lbs .17kg 602-1605
5″ 127mm 0.45lbs .20kg 602-1610
6″ 152mm 0.50lbs .22kg 602-1615
7″ 178mm 0.55lbs .24kg 602-1620
8″ 203mm 0.60lbs .26kg 602-1625
9″ 229mm 0.65lbs .28kg 602-1630
10″ 254mm 0.70lbs .30kg 602-1635
11″ 279mm 0.75lbs .33kg 602-1636
12″ 305mm 0.80lbs .35kg 602-1640

Menzies Metal Products carries Galvanized Storm Collars in stock sizes for your roofing needs. They are available in custom sizes. Galvanized storm collars are used for the safe sealing of stack, B and C vent flashings.

• Galvanized.
• Extra wide collar to provide extra protection.
• Two extra tabs on inner sleeve help hold it in place, ensuring the storm collar shape stays constant. This reduces fatigue on caulking joints.
• One inch increment sizes from 4” to 12”.
• Custom sizes available by special order.