Turbine Vent Galvanized HOTWELD Base


Part #
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Size Weight Part #
12" (305mm) galvanized flat 3.60lbs 600-2520HW
12" (305mm) galvanized pitched 8.75lbs 600-2525
14" (356mm) galvanized flat 4.15lbs 600-2540
14" (356mm) galvanized pitched 3.60lbs 600-2545
14" (356mm) galvanized on peak 5.00lbs 600-2547

Menzies Metal galvanized HOTWELD custom base for turbine vents is ideal for flat, pitched or peak roof application. You must specify the roof pitch when ordering this roof vent base. Menzies Metal can make pitches greater than 12/12, by special order.

  • HOTWELD for torch on roofing applications.
  • Available for flat, pitched or on peak applications.
  • Specify pitch when ordering. These can be made to pitches greater than 12/12.
  • 4″ (102mm) roof flange.
  • Also available in TPO Direct Weld™.