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Clamp-Tite Spun Copper Drain Small Bowl


Part #
You cannot purchase this product online. Please call to purchase item directly from our warehouse.
Size Color Weight Part #
2″ 51mm (1 3/4″ 44mm OD) 4.05lbs 1.8kg 300-3150
3″ 76mm (2 3 /4″ 70mm OD) 4.95lbs 2.1kg 300-3155
4″ 102mm (3 3/4″ 95mm OD) 5.50lbs 2.4kg 300-3160
  • Flat shallow bowl fits existing drains with shallow bowls.
  • Stainless steel screw fastens down cast aluminum strainer.
  • Lower clamping ring mount is spun into drain bowl. It’s embedded. No bolts protruding through drain body.
  • Cast aluminum strainer fastened with hex head stainless steel screw. Custom pipe lengths available by request.
  • 3″ 76mm and 4″ 102mm compatible with Blue Drain Seal™.
  • Listed to meet Canadian and U.S. standards by QAI. Meets CSA B79 and ASME A112.6.4.
  • For complete seal assurance this product works best when used with Menzies Blue Drain Seal.
  • Also available in TPO Direct Weld™.
  • Longer pipes available.