Menzies Metal Products is now the natural choice for your projects which require roof drains, roof vents and roof flashings. We have put it all together to make it easy for you. All the information you need to specify our tested and approved products is in one place, that’s here on our website. You can easily find and obtain product information, short specifications, long specifications, technical drawings, 3D drawings, installation instructions, warranty and MSDS. With our excellent products comes all the technical information you need and it’s right here at your fingertips. 

Some of our products are new and innovative, but most products have been battle tested in harsh Canadian environments for many years. We offer many different types of roof drains so that you can precisely meet particular needs. Even our Blue Drain Seal is tested and approved. Our pipe flashings come spun, welded, in all sizes and many applications. Check out our specialty products to handle gas and electrical conduits, extension kits for plumbing pipes.

We are capable of easily providing all of our products for large or small projects and longtime customers have come to appreciate the custom solutions we provide for difficult applications. With its quick turnaround, Menzies Metal Products is ready for you. Specify us with confidence and put your worries to rest.