Menzies Metal Blog – TPO Direct Weld™


Put labor savings in your pocket using Menzies TPO Direct Weldtm coated products. Our aluminum and copper products require no TPO membrane boots. That means no extra ordering and waiting for boots, no extra labor for install. Projects go faster with less labor. You can even order our custom products with Direct Weld. Any of our copper or aluminum products are available with flanges TPO coated. All of our compliance listed products allow you to meet code and compliance inspections AND save time and money.

You can ask for a sample of TPO coated metal and TPO membrane as in the picture below. Judge for yourself how strong the weld is. Typically, the TPO membrane will tear but not release from the coated metal. No obtaining boots, less labor and easier install. More peace of mind as well. Menzies TPO Direct Weldtm. The way to go.