The importance of using Genuine Menzies Products

Truly professional roofers know that the quality of the products they use is a hugely important factor in the success and sustainability of their projects. They take pride in their work and enjoy the referrals that come from doing that work well. They will not use inferior products or non-laboratory listed products when listed products are available. This is because they want trouble free inspections and no callbacks.

Menzies Metal Products fit the bill perfectly here. Most of our roof drains, flashings and vents are laboratory tested and certified to meet Canadian and U.S. standards. Our “bread-and-butter” line of products are time tested as well and have proven longevity. The Menzies brand is a recognized sign of quality in the roofing industry. Our 10 year warranty is proof we believe in our quality. As a direct result of this, specifiers know that using Menzies products is the safe bet.  Many of our “problem solving” products are unique in the industry and have been developed to cut time and cost off troublesome roofing jobs.

Roofers who use roofing products based on price alone to cut a bid or raise profit margin are taking a risk and putting their customers at risk. Expensive callbacks and roof failures are at stake here, as is the roofer’s reputation. There is no money to be made with cheap building products. Building professionals and customers need to know that the professional roofer they are relying on is a quality tradesman using quality materials. Our 10 year warranty is proof we belive in our quality. Installing genuine Menzies products is a clear sign of a roofer who puts quality first.