Menzies world of pipe flashings

Menzies offers a wide variety of plumbing pipe flashings for flat and steep roof. Whatever the application and whatever the roofer prefers, we have it so you can get it.

Are you really, really old fashioned, like hundreds-of-years old fashioned? Menzies lead plumbing stacks are made of what roofers used in the Middle Ages. If the building is still around, the original flashings may still be on it. We make these for flat and steep roof.

Maybe you are the sort of roofer who prefers materials as used in the early part of the 20th century. Heavy extruded aluminum pipe flashings, HOTWELDED to a base flange.  From the Great Depression to current day, they are in use around the world. These are also offered in flat as well as steep roof and have approval listings.

If you like modern roofing products, have a look at our spun aluminum pipe flashings Seamless- all one piece, no welds or seams to fail. The fact that they look sleek is just a bonus. These are for flat roof and have approval listings.

Want to be really up-to-date? Our 5 Skin pipe flashing is a spun base fitted to a thermoplastic elastomer seal at the top. There is also a fitted moisture seal across the base for extra protection, especially against icing from condensation. If this was a car, you know what kind it would be.  It fits all 5 popular sizes of flat roof plumbing pipes, a convenience experienced roofers will appreciate. Approval listings too.

All our aluminum pipe flashings are also available with a Direct Weld™ TPO coated flange for quick, easy installation and no floppy boots. Your hot air gun will love them and so will the guy at the end of the gun. Your installer will insist on them once he has tried them.

Maybe you are a fan of the multi-size rubber flashings that fit the base of the stack. Inexpensive, easy to handle and non-obtrusive (like your kids should be). As a result, they are found everywhere in residential applications. We make a 5-in-1 plumbing pipe flashing of thermoplastic elastomer that is proven UV resistant for over 20 years. This is a high quality product and approval listed.

We carry many models of Dektite pipe flashings, in sizes up to 29”. Dektites are used for metal roofing and steep roofing . They are available in EPDM or silicone (the silicone is rated up to 250˚ C or 482˚ F). They are made in Australia where that heat rating can come in handy.

You can check these all out very easily. Go to our website  and the top main menu bar Flashings has a dropdown menu. Choose Pipe Flashings. Lots and lots of pipe flashings.