B Vent Spun Aluminum TPO


Part #
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Size Weight Part #
4" (102mm) 2.08lbs 602-1705TPO
5" (127mm) 2.30lbs 602-1710TPO
6" (152mm) 2.64lbs 602-1715TPO
7" (178mm) 2.94lbs 602-1720TPO
8" (203mm) 3.26lbs 602-1725TPO
9" 229mm) 3.60lbs 602-1730TPO
10" (254mm) 4.30lbs 602-1735TPO
11" (279mm) 5.10lbs 602-1740TPO
12" (305mm) 5.60lbs 602-1745TPO
  • Seamless one piece construction made from heavy gauge aluminum.
  • Eliminates framed curbs.
  • Seamless for high temperature torch-on roofing systems.
  • 8″ (203mm) water height.
  • Available sizes in one inch increments from 4″ (102mm) to 12″ (305mm).
  • Menzies TPO Direct Weld™ for fast installation on TPO Roofing Systems.