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Econo Cap Spun Aluminum TPO


Part #
You cannot purchase this product online. Please call to purchase item directly from our warehouse.
Size Color Weight Part #
1 1/4″ 32mm White 0.10lbs .04kg 400-3137TPO
1 1/2″ 38mm White 0.12lbs .05kg 400-3138TPO
2″ 51mm White 0.15lbs .07kg 400-3140TPO
3″ 76mm White 0.20lbs .09kg 400-3145TPO
4″ 102mm White 0.25lbs .11kg 400-3150TPO
5″ 127mm White 0.40lbs .17kg 400-3155TPO

• TPO coated to match plumbing stack..
• Spun aluminum cap for use with corresponding aluminum stack.
• Available in size 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4” and 5”. (6″ 102mm available by request)
• Smaller insert pipe sizes available when incorrect size stack has been installed.