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Electrical Roof Flashing TPO


Part #
You cannot purchase this product online. Please call to purchase item directly from our warehouse.
Size Color Height Length Width Weight Part #
2″ 51mm White 16.50″ 419mm 10.50″ 267mm 10.50″ 267mm 1.70lbs .74kg 600-1530TPO
3″ 76mm White 24.50″ 622mm 12.00″ 305mm 12.00″ 305mm 6.45lbs 2.81kg 600-1550TPO

• TPO coated flange.
• Professional solution for electric cable roof install.
• Available in 2″ or 3” sizes for electrical conduits.
• Ideal for solar application.
• 2″ size uses 1 1/2″ 38mm plumbing stack.
• 3″ size uses 3 1/2″ 89mm special pipe.
• Massive head on 3″ size for multiple usage.
• 4″ 102mm roof flange- heavy duty aluminum for securing to roof deck.
• Welded flange.
• Listed to meet Canadian and U.S. standards. Stack and base QAI listed, cap UL listed.
• Flashing base and stack meet CSA B272 and IAPMO PS 64. Cap meets UL 514B.
• Menzies TPO Direct Weld™ for fast installation on TPO Roofing Systems.